It’s A New Year Resolution.


So obviously, every time the new year comes around, people all over the world vow to have a fresh start, and everyone makes resolutions. No surprise that I do too.

I said in my previous post that I didn’t make any new year resolutions last year, and I didn’t. Mainly because I knew that I was going to fail anyway, so why bother? But that’s not the mentality that we should have, right? Instead, this year I am going to have new years resolutions, because I want to be a better person. Ultimately that’s what it is, we all create resolutions to become better people.

The resolutions I have all can come under one category – I will take better care of myself. This includes learning to smile more, and express myself more. It also includes eating better, as well as getting fit from my current un-fit status. I will take better care of my skin and hair. And I will learn to relax. I will shoot more for leisure than for work, and rekindle my love for photography again. I want to learn how to cook, too. I want to learn how to be open to new things and changes that come my way, and accept them readily, without being over critical and analyzing every single minute detail that could go wrong.

That my friends, will be what I want 2011 to be like. What about you?

And just for a little bit, I’m including a picture of my baby girl, who isn’t really a baby anymore. More like an old maid. But she will be a baby forever in my heart.


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