The Decision.

Yes, the decision has been made. I will pack up all my things, leave my home of 22 years, and embark on an adventure. I will be moving from Singapore, the place of my birth, all that I have ever known, to Australia. With completely no family or friends, just blind faith that if I leap, there will be a net to catch me.

I just finished penning my resignation letter. I still have no idea what I’m going to say to my boss. I’ve been with her for about two years now, and she has basically raised me from nothing to what I am in that time. There’s the hassle of finishing up my work, and letting my customers know that I would not be able to shoot their weddings.

It still hasn’t sunk in yet. I’ve only told a select amount of people, and the reactions have not really been what I was expecting. Surprisingly, my family have been really supportive, and a few of my close friends have been giving me disapproving speeches.

The decision to move now, at this point of my life, and at this point of our relationship, has not been an easy one to make. We’ve discussed, and talked about moving over in 2012. That was the original plan. And then we talked more and discussed more and it ended up being financially better for me to move over in April instead.

I leave Singapore on the 2nd of April.

It’s such a daunting task, moving. I’m used to mapping out my life, having a plan. Doing this, dropping everything, it’s really unlike me at all. But hey, what is life without a little risk, right? It wouldn’t be living, if we didn’t take a chance every now and again, right?

When I sat down to tell my mother, I was really very afraid of what her reaction might be. I understood that there will be some sort of pain, seeing as how her littlest daughter is going to be far away. She cried. I cried.

But I guess, this is where the adventure really starts. Off into the unknown, I shall go!