Kitchen Adventures: Pasta

My experience in the kitchen is usually one of two things. The first being making things go ‘boom!’ and the second is cooking a Chinese dish called Donggu Fatt Choy. I will make Donggu Fatt Choy again for Chinese New Year, and that’s the only time I ever cook, but this post is not about that, no. This post is about pasta.

Both me and my mother decided that on New Year’s Eve, we would cook, and since we both never cook at all throughout the year, it would be fun, and interesting, and probably very eventful. My mother’s contribution was salad, meaning buying some vegetables and tossing them together with a dressing from Japan. Which means I had to make the main. My mother requested for pasta.

Sounds simple, right? There are so many different and easy pasta dishes out there. I scoured the internet, high and low for a pasta recipe that sounds appealing. A friend gave me a couple and I decided to use one from that bunch.

And apparently all my hard work didn’t matter, because I ended up not having any of the ingredients I needed. So, rolling up my sleeves, I shall attempt to see what I can do with whatever random things I have at home. This usually calls for disaster.

It turns out, the only disaster was I did not know my sister was coming back home for dinner, and only made two portions. There wasn’t enough to go around! It turned out good in the end, and it was a very well rounded end to the decade. 🙂

The original recipe called for chicken breast, tomato juice and dry white wine, all which I did not have in my kitchen. Me, not wanting to brave the crowded supermarkets to get these said ingredients, substituted them with random things I have lying around. I used pork instead, and tomato paste mixed with water, as well as some form of wine that didn’t look white, neither did it look red. But it was open, so I used that instead of opening a bottle of white wine just for this recipe.

So, my recipe, if you could call it that… I don’t measure anything, I just put in whatever as much as I feel is necessary. Probably why my dishes usually end up in mini disasters. This one turned out pretty good, methinks. I added a tad bit too much salt at the end, but the mushrooms had soaked up the flavour of the wine and biting into it was really yummy.

Fry the meat (in my case, lean pork) in some olive oil and garlic, add in the onions and mushrooms. Then add in wine, tomato paste and some water. Stir, and let it simmer until it’s not so liquid-y. Serve on pasta of your choice. The original recipe called for penne, but I used spaghetti instead, because that’s all we had.

We had some greens for a side, baked potatoes, and my sister turned up with this gorgeous baked chicken which we dubbed Gold All Over Floor. It sounds more auspicious in Mandarin, I promise you. We ended the night off with chocolate cake and a glass of red wine.

Wishing all of you a wonderful New Year, and cheers to the new decade! 🙂