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The many years of believing that I am better than all the other girls because I am not superficial like them is behind me. The past year or so, I’ve been opened up to make beauty related things, such as fashion trends, make up, skin care, as well as smelling nice. I’ve learnt that looking good is not a matter of being superficial, though there are those sort of girls, but a matter of respecting yourself and the people around you. Sounds deep, doesn’t it? Anyway…

I’ve never been a fan of solid soaps before, but I heard so much about Lush that I had to try some of their items. Having a bathtub in Singapore is a rarity, and I don’t have access to one, so trying out their bath stuff is currently out of the question, much to my disappointment. However, I could try their soaps out. And I did.

James, such a sweetie, got me a couple of soaps from Australia. We literally went shopping together on the phone. Him, in the actual shop, and me, online. And I decided on three soaps – Rockstar, Vanilla in the Mist, as well as Honey I Washed the Kids.


Rockstar soap was one of those that I expected a lot from, because it was so raved about everywhere. Unfortunately, the smell just isn’t to my liking. It has a very sickeningly sweet type of smell, the kind you get when you enter a candy shop and it overpowers you till you feel like vomiting and swearing off sugar for the rest of your life. I usually like sweet scents; this one just puts me off though. It lathers up really well with a loofa, however, I feel that it dries my skin out a little after using it.

The scent from this soap is really strong, and when James first opened his luggage, all I could smell was this soap. Leaving it out, it filled up my entire room with it’s smell. And the scent lasts quite long on the skin after you shower.

My mom really loves the smell though, so I gave it to her instead.



Vanilla in the Mist I didn’t hear much about, but I tend to really like vanilla scents anyway, so I got it. I’m so glad I did! I love the smell. It’s earthy and warm and deep, which is very comforting to use in the shower. The smell is not strong at all, and it doesn’t linger on the skin, which annoys me because I want to be able to smell it after I’m out of the shower as well, not just in the shower! But I know that there are a ton of people who like the smells in the shower to stay there, so this would be good for them.

The lather of this soap is really creamy, and my skin feels nice after using it. There is a downside to this soap, however! The vanilla pods ooze out a black liquid, and the soap stains yellow. They both wash off, so they don’t bother me, but some people might find it disgusting. Heh.



Honey I Washed The Kids is now officially my soap mate. It smells so good, I have actually attempted to eat it a few times. Note to readers: don’t do that. It just really smells so edible, like honey and toffee and loveliness all thrown into a blender and mixed on high. It is such a creamy soap, my goodness. It’s so creamy that the honeycomb fell out after a while of using it. It creates the most gorgeous lather and it fills up the whole shower with such a delicious scent… I feel almost like I’m in heaven.

The only complain I have about it is that it runs our really fast. I think I used this twice as fast as I used Vanilla in the Mist. Probably because it’s so creamy and moisturizing that it melts really quickly, especially in Singapore’s humidity. But other than that, this is something that I love, so much, and would definitely repurchase.


Hope this review was helpful! Products were all bought by us and this post is not sponsored.


2 thoughts on “Review: Lush Soaps

  1. My favourite was a soap called I Should Coco… It was coconut and was literally lush! Unfortunately they have since stopped making it.

    I hope you enjoy discovering more of their amazing soaps.

    1. I can’t wait to try their bath stuff! Oooo… just thinking about it makes me want to order all their products online! Pity I don’t have a bathtub. 😦

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