Adventures in the Kitchen: Beef Fried Rice

You would think that being Asian, I was born being able to cook fried rice. I could; fried rice is one of the easier dishes to make; until I add in meat. For some strange reason, me and meat just simply don’t mix. Never mind that I accidentally cooked the meat in the microwave when my sole intention was to defrost it. In the end, I would call it edible, but it’s not something I would serve a friend. Maybe a friend I didn’t like. Heh.

Fry meat of your choice (I think chicken works better, but maybe ’cause chicken doesn’t not listen to me like beef does), in oil and garlic, then add in the mixed vegetables (peas, corn and carrots), and then rice. Mix everything up well, add in an egg  (I should have used two) and mix that in too. Then season it with dark soy sauce and pepper. I added in rice wine as well, just to give it something extra. The only thing I think mine lack was pepper – I should have added in a little more.

If you have any other fried rice recipes, do let me know, I’ll be glad to try them out!