Non-Adventures in the Kitchen

Today’s kitchen adventure is not cooked by me, though I did add a little bit of flavour to it. See, we have a new domestic helper in our home today, and her name is Wa Wa. She’s really cute and very enthusiastic about everything, so she offered to cook for me today, and so I let her. It was a very basic dish, fried noodles. It was simple, but still yummy. I threw in a bit of cooking alcohol just to add flavour. I think I have a thing for splashing in some alcohol in food.

Boil the egg noodles in some water until it’s cooked. Throw some oil on a skillet and fry some garlic and beef until it’s done. Throw in a splash of cooking alcohol. Add in cabbage and carrots, and give it a good stir. Drain the noodles and add that in as well. Mix everything well over a medium heat. Add in a small mixture of corn flour, soy sauce and water, and cook everything together. Ta-da! A very nice basic noodle dish.

Note: I’m posting this up a couple of days after the dish was made because I don’t want two cooking posts in a row and I’m waiting for a certain Mister King to post up something as well.