Pretty Faces, Pretty Clothes

Remember when I said a family friend came back from the States? Well, of course I had to send him off with a mini shopping list for me. I didn’t want too many things, because it was a business trip and it didn’t sit right to have him hunting around for the stuff I want. So what random things did decide to get?

The first was L’Oreal Infallible Lip Colour in Linda’s Beige. It’s a dark nude, and I think it’s a tad too dark for me, but when I layered a light lipstick over it, it seemed to be just the right colour. It’s really long lasting, however, if you happen to not use the top coat, do not, under any circumstances, smack your lips together. They will stick and the colour may peel off. I love the compact, though. And I do wish tremendously that the shades of the compact would actually match the shade of the lip colour so that I can order the darn things online without having to guess what colour would suit me.

Next up is something that I was thinking whether or not I should get. Firstly, I really wanted to try something from Philosophy, but I’m currently using up all the soap I got from a Lush haul that I didn’t want to get their soaps (but oh, so tempting!). So I tried getting something a little bit more safe, a lip gloss. This lip gloss, Cinnamon Buns, is a clear gloss with yellow/gold shimmer. It goes on so smooth and is not sticky like how other glosses can be.

Oh, but the taste. I love cinnamon, but this… this just made me crinkle my nose. I’d still use it, cause it’s such an amazing gloss, but maybe I’ll air it out a bit, so the smell isn’t so strong…

The last up from my haul from the States is the Eyes Lips Face a.k.a. ELF blush and bronzer duo. I haven’t tried this out yet, merely swatched it, so I have no clue if it lasts or how the colour goes on. But I must say it’s really pigmented from the swatches, and I absolutely adore the packaging. The mirror is a wonderful sized mirror and it’ll be a great thing to keep in the handbag when I’m having a night out.

Assuming I carry a bag, because I usually don’t. Unless I have to carry an umbrella, which then annoys me.

Coming up…

Regarding my other post, the one where I was deciding on what to wear for Chinese New Year… Drumroll, please, because I have decided! Here’s a quick sneak peek of what I did get in the end. It came in a sack, can you imagine? Probably because I ordered with my sister and 90% of what was in the sack was her stuff. I will, of course, do a proper outfit post when the new year rolls around, so you guys will have to wait and see how it looks like on me! Now, how to lose as much weight as possible till then… I guess munching on this popcorn isn’t going to work, is it?