Impatient, I am.

Mister King is currently in the airport waiting to board the plane to me. He’ll be spending Chinese New Year and meeting all my relatives, which is massively BIG because I’ve never brought anyone to meet my relatives before.

The silly airplane needs to leave Australia NOW and get here. Already it’s an hour behind. Hurry hurry hurry!

12:05am : His plane is supposed to be taking off right now but it hasn’t even landed in Australia yet! They’re talking delays for about an hour and it’s making me restless in my chair. Hurry up and get here!

1:10am : He’s finally on the bloody plane. Good! Now all I have to do is wait a couple of hours…

2:30am : I’m dressed and ready to go. His plane lands at 5:45am and I take about half an hour to get to the airport since there’s no traffic. That is how excited I am right now.

3:30am : Just finished the last bits of my work for the night. Working does make time go faster, but not by much. I’m going to try to nap and see if I can sleep the time away.

3:33am : I just found a house lizard in my toilet and I caught it and brought it into my room. I know I’m weird, so sue me. I need someone to feed on all the bloody mozzies in my room!

4:15am : Nope, nap didn’t work. Since I am sitting here twiddling my thumbs, I shall doll myself up a little. Face: Shu Uemura Face Architect, E.L.F. Blush and Brozer Duo Eyes: L’Oreal Gel Eyeliner, Lancome Mascara Lips: Lip balm, NYX’s Circle Lipstick in Strawberry Milkshake

4:51am : Getting ready to head out now. He’ll probably be only out of the customs around 6 plus in the morning but I rather stand around in the airport than twiddle my thumbs at home. So the next time I post, hopefully I would be in his arms! 🙂

5:42am : Just reached the airport. Unfortunately, I need a mad dash to the toilet. Brb.

5:48am : I just checked and his flight has been rescheduled to land at 6:19am.

6:15am : The previous flight landed at 5:45am and they are only
getting their baggage now.

6:19am : I seem to be the only person at the belt waiting. How nice and silent.

6:22am : There is a sudden influx of people. Noisy, noisy people. Guess I’m not the only one afterall.

6:25am : Still have yet to land.

6:26am : FINALLY! it has touched Singapore soil! He had better dash outof that plane with the speed of a lightning bolt.

6:31am : I see the baggage belt moving! The last time round he came out after 50% of the people had already gotten their bags and left.

6:37am : I see him I see him! Yay! Okay, going to spend a good long time hugging him now, toodles, everyone!

P.S. Long distance relationships suck and I really commend anyone who has or is in one. My heart goes out to you.