Kitchen Adventures: Risotto

Chefs everywhere fear the risotto, but not me! Yeah, right. What I did, in the end just looked like really wet rice. Of course, not using the correct rice might have something to do with it, but hey, I’m experimenting, and I might as well try it with thai rice, which is the most common rice found here in Singapore.

The ingredients that were available to me were: dried mushroom (bad, bad choice), chicken, and mixed vegetables. I added in a little splash of wine as well, because, well, wine is awesome.

Why I say the dried mushrooms were a bad choice is because it vies with the rice for the stock. Obviously I soaked the mushrooms before cooking the dish, but unless they were soaked for a really long time (like how I do my Dong Gu Fatt Choy, where I soak the mushrooms overnight), they will still try to absorb in all the stock poured into the dish. Well, at least every bite of the shrooms were very flavourful bites.

This is something that definitely needs more experimenting. Maybe I should actually go to a restaurant and order risotto first before attempting to make it. You know, just saying. ;p


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