Singapore Adventures: Chinese New Year 2011

It’s kind of weird, I guess, having suddenly gone from looking at each other through a screen to being able to spend every single moment of the day together (except when we’re in the toilet),  and then back to living behind a screen yet again.

What I’m thankful for, at least, is that this is the last time he would be walking away from me. That made it slightly less painful this time round.

At the airport, I really couldn’t bear to let go of his hand. He had, in all seriousness, wanted to extend his stay one more week, but we both knew he had responsibilities at home, and he needed to be back in Australia. But still, six more weeks, and we don’t have to say this sort of goodbyes anymore. I’ll be doing a countdown, definitely. There are way too many things for me to prepare.

I think the thing I would miss the most is just snuggling up with him, either just talking, or watching a movie. But mostly just snuggling.

So, all the fun things we did this trip included: Chinese New Year Eve reunion dinner, Chinese New Year Day visiting, lion dance, James’ birthday dinner with my family, James’ birthday dinner, general walking around, visiting National Museum of Singapore and Fort Canning Park. I’ll leave it to James to tell you more about his experiences here, since none of them are very interesting to me. They tend to be rather normal/everyday things for me. Heh.

It’s been… about three hours since he’s left. I miss him terribly already. I shall go hide in my bed and sulk for a while. 😦