Things To Do before THE BIG MOVE

I like lists. Lists are usually what keep me organized. So I should make a list before I run around like a headless chicken panicking over everything. So here are things I need to do before the big move.

1. Apply for a long stay visa. This is going to give me much grief and headache.
2. Apply for a international driving permit.
3. Make a pair of prescription sunglasses.
4. Buy a new pair of jeans.
5. Pack, but I’ll probably only start this a week before.
6. Figure out how to get my iMac over.
7. Remove my last wisdom tooth so it’ll stop giving me grief.
8. Lose a lot of weight.
9. Learn to cook basic, edible Asian food.
10. Learn to do some housework, because I am dumb and don’t know how to.
11. Find my diploma. It’s hiding somewhere.
12. Replace my absolutely destroyed debit card.

45 days and counting.


3 thoughts on “Things To Do before THE BIG MOVE

  1. Wrap your iMac with lots of bubble wrap and find styrofoam, cut into blocks so that the mac won’t move around in the box. + lots and lots of additional foam padding.. protect especially your monitor.. or find a 2nd hand one when you’re there …write HUGE “Fragile!” on all 6 sides of the cardboard box.

  2. oh I forgot, bring ONE BIG BOTTLE of Kecap Manis … they’re the secret to good Asian cooking which is super hard to find overseas.

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