No Shoes In My Sanctuary


My bedroom is my sanctuary. It’s the place where I go to after a hard day of working to unwind, and relax. It’s the place I run to when I want to hide from the world, and it’s the place where I always felt that this was “my” space. Not anyone else’s. Mine. The living room and kitchen are family spaces, and my bedroom is my own personal cave.

I have amazing fantasies of customizing it with many things, and having candle after candle burning, creating gorgeous scents throughout the room. Putting up photos of me with the people I care about. Have a nice big collage of framed photos up on the wall. Yes. That would be lovely. I did attempt to do this, but the frames kept dropping and after some great big drama with my air conditioning and my wall, I gave up with it altogether.



I would always get cranky when other people came into my bedroom, and create a huge mess around it. When I mean huge, I mean really huge. Such as throw a lot of the clothes in my cupboard on the floor, or leave wrappers from newly open products all over the place.

Now that I would be moving in with someone else, my bedroom isn’t just my bedroom anymore. My rules are going to have to bend somewhat. There would be something that is for sure, though; my number one rule. No shoes allowed, especially since it would be carpet flooring. See, the logic behind this is – you walk around all day in dirt and mud and gross things, and you bring all of that into the bedroom with you when you wear your shoes there. Simple logic, yes?



It’s really hitting home that for the first time in my life, I’ll be sharing my room with someone else. It hit especially hard when I saw James sectioning the room, going, “This is your space,” and “These are your drawers,” and asking me where I’d like my computer to go.

Now I have furniture to think about, organizing my wardrobe, and all that other fun stuff. It’s going to be a headache, but I reckon it’ll be worth it in the end.