My Room Needs To Smell

I want my room to smell nice! I’ve gotten into burning oils and candles in the past half a year or so, and I’m really on the look out for good scented candles. Reason why I prefer scented candles over oils is that with oils you have to burn a tealight as well, where you just burn the candle… Does that make sense?

Now, if only we have a Bath and Body Works here, or if they shipped internationally, it would be perfect. But we don’t, and they don’t. I love their scent descriptions and really wish I could have all of them.

Now, since I’m moving over to Australia, I thought I’d try to find some candles from there. A couple of brands stood out to me, namely Elume, Glasshouse and Ecoya.

I’m really interested in sweet and fruity scents. So I went crazy at all the scents for the above brand. French Pear, Apple Cinnamon… all sounds so lovely! I can’t wait till I get my order, seriously. I’ll start with these two scents first, and work my way to the rest. Anyone know where I can purchase them in shop? I want to smell them before buying them.