Kitchen Adventures: Onion Rings

I’ve been very inspired when watching the Masterclasses in Masterchef Australia. A lot of times I don’t cook because we don’t have that much ingredients at home, but since we had all the ingredients for a beer battered onion rings, I decided to give it a whirl, and boy was I rewarded! I think this might be the yummiest thing I’ve made thus far in my life.

Mix 75g self-raising flour, 75g, corn flour/starch, and salt into a bowl. Create a well in the center of it, and gradually add in half a bottle of beer (I used Heineken) and whisk till batter is smooth. Throw the onion rings around in some extra corn flour so that the batter will stick to it, and place the rings in batter and deep fry until they are golden. Drain away the excess oil on a paper towel and season with some salt.

Only one picture of the onion rings because they got devoured faster than they were made. Sorry folks!