Kitchen Adventures: Tea Leaf Egg

I made tea leaf egg, also known as 茶叶蛋 and it was awesome and yummy and all that fun stuff! It was my first time making it and of course I want to change a couple of things about it but I thought for a first attempt it was kind of a success!

It’s something that I love eating whenever I go into a night market in Singapore. It’s lovely! The tea subtlely flavours the egg and the marbled effect makes it really pretty. I know they make this in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong as well.

Boil the eggs until they are hard boiled, around ten minutes. Make sure you don’t crack the shell of the egg before they are cooked like I did, because you will have egg EVERYWHERE and it’s not pretty. Then, after they have cooked, take the eggs out of the water and tap a spoon on their shell to make cracks. The more cracks, the more marbled.

In a pot, put in black tea, because green tea is crazy bitter (I used an insane amount), star anise (I used three), cloves (I used four), ground peppercorns (I used about a pinch, on hindsight, I would have added more), a cinnamon stick (I used ground cinnamon, works too), three tablespoons of dark soy sauce, and three tablespoons of light soy sauce (again, would have added more on hindsight). Is that it? Oh, and a pinch of sugar.

Put the eggs in there and let it simmer for about two hours. It looks and smells disgusting but that would be about right.

Then leave the eggs in the pot overnight. You can use a rice cooker, or a stew cooker, or a slow cooker, if you’re like me and don’t fancy leaving the gas on for so long.

Note: The tea will stain the pot you’re using if you end up not washing up immediately. Please at the very least rinse the pot first.

I really wanted to try it so bad after the initial two hours but I left it overnight. I only made five, but you can make as many as the pot can fit! Just make sure the water covers the eggs.

Please, under no circumstances do you reheat your eggs in the microwave. Not talking from personal experience, so don’t laugh at me. 😛