Forever Starts in 5 Days

In five short days, I’ll be back in a country I never thought I’d visit, to pick up a girlfriend I never thought I’d find, and a few days later bring her home with me. I won’t be so arrogant as to say I know how she feels, to be leaving behind everything she’s ever known to come to a new country that’s completely and utterly different, but I can imagine how I’d feel if the situations were reversed.

It’s a scary thought, to abandon everything and start again with no friends, no family to back you up. But we’ve both endured the long separations, and all the heartache that goes with them, and I for one am completely sick of it. Like any couple we’ve argued. I’ve been hung up on a number of times, and I’ll admit to doing the same, but we’ve always managed to sort things out again. Even now, there are finer points of the upcoming trip we’re arguing about. But what I know to be a greater truth more than anything else right now is that this distance needs to go. Two and a half thousand miles is simply too far.

Five days, and the real journey begins. I can’t wait.