Forever Starts in 4 Days

It’ll be four days till James is here. I must say, that one and a half days that he is here is going to be a mad rush, packing and unpacking and packing again. I’ve tried to do a lot of things before he is here, but unfortunately, I require his luggage space, and that isn’t here just yet.

That sounded as though I just wanted him here for his extra weight on the plane, doesn’t it? Honestly, though, I can’t wait to see him again. All my stressing without him here is not doing any favours for my health. Actually, I’ve been down with a fever for the past few days. Getting better, though.

The silly thing about having to go the post office to collect my IDP is that I was home when the registered mail was brought to my house and I think the postman didn’t ring the doorbell. Or I couldn’t hear it, which is not really possible ‘cause my doorbell is noisy. Then Yuki would bark a lot too.  But I finally got my IDP! I know a Singapore licence is generally accepted in most countries, but I was convinced by James to get an IDP anyway, just in case.  It’s not like it’s going to break the bank, anyway.

There are still a couple of things I need to do before I leave. Get a haircut, for one. Get myself waxed, as well.  I’ve yet to settle insurance, and I have to get whatever random loose money I have into the bank. I need to move out of my toilet so the new tenant for the room can move into it. I need to search for a cheap little carry on bag to take with me on the plane.

But most important of all, I really need to pack.


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  1. You know Lixxie mei, you could just get an Aussie driving license and it won’t be much of a bother :). Singaporeans who hold SG driving licenses only need to convert, don’t even need to take theory test! 🙂 Painless! 😉

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