Forever Starts in 1 Day

James lands tomorrow. Tomorrow. He lands tomorrow!!!! Oh man I’m so excited! I get to see him again. My to do list is now almost empty – only able to finish it completely when he is here. Time needs to fast forward to when he actually gets here. I miss his hugs so much.

I just had myself some durian. Some of your might think it’s nasty, but I like it. I don’t go crazy over it, but I like it enough to enjoy it. Such a typical Singaporean, eh? When James visited, I let him try a durian puff, and that was a mild version of the actual taste of durian, and being a typical Caucasian, he didn’t like it, heh.

My hands smell of durian right now, tee hee.

I don’t know if you guys actually understand the whole “Forever Starts in XX Days” thing as being when James land in Singapore, and not when I fly over. This is because we would start our life together (that sounds like we’re getting married, lol) and the first step is getting me over there. It doesn’t really sound that stressful, moving over there, right? Trust me, it is.

I’m very attached to everyone here, and this will always be my home. I’m a born worrier, and I would worry for everyone here. I don’t know how much of a difference my physical presence here would make, but it doesn’t stop me from worrying about the people I care about.

There’s a song from the recent movie Country Strong called Coming Home, which I find aptly describes what ‘home’ is.

“It’s a four-letter word, a place you go to heal your hurt.
It’s an altar, it’s a shelter, one place you’re always welcome.
A pink flamingo, doublewide, one bedroom on a high rise, a mansion on a hill,
where the memories always will keep you company whenever you’re alone.”

It stresses me to no end that I’m leaving all of this behind, but I know I need to do this.

It may a little bad, but I would miss my dog most, out of everyone here in Singapore. She’s my closest friend, my sister, the one who has been there, everyday, making me smile without fail, doing absolutely silly things, someone that I could talk to without being judged, probably because she has absolutely no idea what I’m saying.

She’s been my constant companion for the past ten years. She’ll turn exactly ten when I leave. I’m going miss my baby Yuki so much. There has never been “good times” and “bad times” with Yuki. It has always been just “good times”, even when she pees and poos in my room.

Maybe she’s the hardest to leave behind because I know everyone else can take care of themselves. She can’t.

I’m actually crying as I wrote that. James, can we get a dog? Please?

I think this would be the last proper post until I get settled in there. See you on the other side, everyone!