Adventures in Aussieland

Hey there, everyone. It’s been more than a month since I’ve been in Australia, and I’m settling in nicely, albeit a little slower than I would like to. It’s not very interesting, the life I’m having now. There really isn’t much for me to do. My body’s not too happy with the sudden change, I think. It’s been playing up a little bit here and there.

I thought I’d show you guys around where I live now.

This is the little supermarket near the place I’m staying at. There’s a shopping center with bigger supermarkets nearby as well,  but this one is the little one just down from the house.

Look at the leaves! The leaves are all turning red and brown and falling off. It’s so pretty and awesome. You never get to see these sort of thing in Singapore!

This is the lake that’s near my place. Going for walks there is very relaxing.

Sunsets are so pretty around here.

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos! These are just taken off my iPhone cause I don’t really like lugging big heavy cameras out when I go for walks. 🙂