Are You Happy?


I started journaling my thoughts recently, and I thought maybe if share this one with all of you. It’s not so mug a private thing, just perhaps a ramble thing. Enjoy, if you so choose to.

In pursuit of happiness.

What does that mean, exactly? That we’re each chasing a dream that one day we might feel pure bliss? Doesn’t that imply that we don’t already have happiness in our lives?

When we look all around us, there’s happiness in all sorts of little corners. We simply just need to look hard enough.

Remember all those little mini essays they used to make us write when we were little kids? Always on the same topic, “What I Want To Be When I Grow Up”. Mine was very simple – I always said that I wanted to be happy. On hindsight, I realized why.

As a child, I looked up at grown ups, and they all seemed miserable. They didn’t have that joy, that spark in their eyes anymore. It was gone. It was like they were dead.

But the thing about being happy is that you need the other moments in your life, the other not happy moments, so that when you are happy, you savour it’s sweetness just that much more.

I had an interesting read today on the Internet about how we seem to be teaching our kids that happiness is supposed to be a default position and that is bullshit. Happiness is one of the nice little things that don’t really teach us much. It’s in pain that we grow. But when we experience pain, we immediately insist on moving on, and cheering up.

To an extent, I agree with it. I suppose, what I’m saying is be happy. Actually BE happy. Don’t wait for that miracle day to happen. But don’t diss the struggles you go through in life too, because they make you, you.