So it’s been two weeks.

So, my karate journey has reach its two week mark. How I am feeling about it after these two weeks? Hmmmm… It’s hard to put into words I suppose. My body is feeling the effects of it. I’m not losing weight yet, but I do want to increase the amount of training I do. At the moment however, that isn’t possible, so I have to stick with my twice a week training.

I am adding short fifteen/twenty minute runs on some days when I’m not in the dojo, however. I haven’t been very good at keeping it up, but I am glad that I am adding more. I also want to do more core body workouts, as well as train myself to do push ups.

How am I feeling about my progress is a whole different matter. I try to practice a little bit before I start work each day, but there are some things I’m just not getting. It’s really hard and challenging.

So far we’ve learnt a front kick and a roundhouse kick. The low block, and the normal punches. I have so much more to work on before I can get any of it right! Most importantly I would like my form to be correct before anything else.

I do hope to make it up a belt level, or half a belt level, by the time of the grading, which I think is at the end of June. I could be wrong.

I know, the belt doesn’t really mean anything. I should focus on technique etc. but I guess, the belt would then be a sort of… Reward for hard work put in?

Anyway, enough. I’m doing my best and that’s what matters.