Let’s Talk Arrow

Why hello there.

Yes, I know this blog is dead. Here’s a tiny attempt to revive it, and I do find that every time I finish watching the latest episode in whatever television series I’m currently into, I need to talk about it. Read what other people have been saying about it. I don’t really have the luxury of time to spend on this little hobby of mine but I do feel that this may be a good outlet for it.

There may or may not be spoilers for Arrow (up to Season 3, Episode 9) in the paragraphs to follow. Right now my head is filling up with to many things and I may or may not have a verbal diarrhoea. Or typing diarrhoea. You get what I mean. Anyway, you have been warned. If you’re not a fan of spoilers, just like how Milamber isn’t a fan of spoilers, I’m going to stop you right here.

I’m late. I know. I heard about it coming out back in 2012, and I thought about watching it then, but you know, life happened so I sort of put it in my list of things that I heard were cool to watch and I will watch it when I get some time.

I got some time this Christmas break.

If I had to pick two words to describe how my Arrow journey has been thus far it would be “Mind. Blown“. Only because I never expected it to be such a good show. I have been a big Marvel girl since I was a kid, and have never gotten into the DC world much at all. Sure, I knew the bigger name DC Heroes; Superman, Batman, The Flash… None of them really resounded with me.

I have to say though, the cast and crew of Arrow has been phenomenal in bringing us compelling story and characters, beautiful sets and sceneries. You can actually see how much hard work everyone has put into the series. It’s amazing when that actually translates to on screen – I’ve worked behind the scenes in a few different places and when it all comes together it’s just beautiful.

A number of things that are peculating in my head:

1. Everyone is going on about how that Lazarus Pit will be bringing Oliver back – but what about Sara? I read somewhere that it might not work with people that have already been buried. So maybe not, but at the same time, this is a comic-verse. So… maybe?

2. Olicity – I love them. I ship them. But I don’t really want them to end up together, mainly because it’s a tragic hero story line. If Oliver gets the girl, he’ll be happy… and remember what happened to Gwen Stacy?

3. I feel like the article stating that Diggle has had his day and should be retired or killed off is like saying that Ron in the Harry Potter Trio is just whiny and should have been killed off too. Short answer: No.

I’m rewatching the first season again with Milamber, and boy the revelations I am getting about this show is amazing! I can see the directions that the writers wanted to take this show but I’m so glad that they deviated from it because of how much the actors influence (with chemistry, input etc.) the show. It’s like the Laurel Lance character – in the first couple of episodes you could see that she was being primed to take up the Black Canary persona… and then Season Two happened with Sara, and her depression and alcoholism…. And that actually felt so much better than just giving Laurel the Black Canary title. Now I actually feel like she’s earned it.

That’s not to say that I will ever ship Lauliver – I don’t care that it’s comic book canon, those two actors have no chemistry on set whatsoever.

Also, random but do you think that Oliver Queen and Ronnie Raymond may have worked together before he came back to Starling City?

Can’t wait till Arrow comes back again, January 21st 2015!