My Inability to Distinguish Food that is Spoilt

Let me tell you a story.

There I was, in my home, all happy and chirpy and being my usual self. Minding my own business. And I was a feeling a little bit hungry, right? So off I go to raid the refrigerator. Aha! I found myself a little small cup of yoghurt. Me, being me, happily went to grab a teaspoon and started gobbling down the yoghurt. Well, as much gobbling as you could do with a teaspoon anyway.

So there I was, happily nomming away, and I was thinking to myself, “Wow, this is really nice champagne flavoured yoghurt, with the bubbly sensation and everything!”

Lo and behold, I found out, quite to my dismay, that that was the taste of very, VERY, expired yoghurt.

So I have this talent of being able to wolf down food without the ability to distinguish if they have passed their best before dates. Luckily, now with the internet, I can check up on silly little things like, “How long can I keep _______ in the fridge?”, and the most recent thing that I checked was apples.

Got to love Yahoo! Answers, don’t you?

Well, that’s my story for today, have a little laugh if you would. Cheers! Lixxie xx


Current Obsession

On a whim I bought this particular cookie from Mark’s and Spencer’s. I need to tell all of you that I’m absolutely in love with it! It’s so sweet. I actually tweeted that I want to marry it because it is that yummy! I love, love, love white chocolate, so putting them in an all butter cookie is just absolutely perfect! They’re a bit on the pricey side, a packet like that costing around SGD$6, but they are worth it because of how absolutely yummy they are.

I wish there was a Marks and Spencer near me so I can get as often as I want. I’m out of them right now and I need more of them now now now now now!

Singapore Adventures: Chinese New Year 2011

It’s kind of weird, I guess, having suddenly gone from looking at each other through a screen to being able to spend every single moment of the day together (except when we’re in the toilet),  and then back to living behind a screen yet again.

What I’m thankful for, at least, is that this is the last time he would be walking away from me. That made it slightly less painful this time round.

At the airport, I really couldn’t bear to let go of his hand. He had, in all seriousness, wanted to extend his stay one more week, but we both knew he had responsibilities at home, and he needed to be back in Australia. But still, six more weeks, and we don’t have to say this sort of goodbyes anymore. I’ll be doing a countdown, definitely. There are way too many things for me to prepare.

I think the thing I would miss the most is just snuggling up with him, either just talking, or watching a movie. But mostly just snuggling.

So, all the fun things we did this trip included: Chinese New Year Eve reunion dinner, Chinese New Year Day visiting, lion dance, James’ birthday dinner with my family, James’ birthday dinner, general walking around, visiting National Museum of Singapore and Fort Canning Park. I’ll leave it to James to tell you more about his experiences here, since none of them are very interesting to me. They tend to be rather normal/everyday things for me. Heh.

It’s been… about three hours since he’s left. I miss him terribly already. I shall go hide in my bed and sulk for a while. 😦

Kitchen Adventures: Risotto

Chefs everywhere fear the risotto, but not me! Yeah, right. What I did, in the end just looked like really wet rice. Of course, not using the correct rice might have something to do with it, but hey, I’m experimenting, and I might as well try it with thai rice, which is the most common rice found here in Singapore.

The ingredients that were available to me were: dried mushroom (bad, bad choice), chicken, and mixed vegetables. I added in a little splash of wine as well, because, well, wine is awesome.

Why I say the dried mushrooms were a bad choice is because it vies with the rice for the stock. Obviously I soaked the mushrooms before cooking the dish, but unless they were soaked for a really long time (like how I do my Dong Gu Fatt Choy, where I soak the mushrooms overnight), they will still try to absorb in all the stock poured into the dish. Well, at least every bite of the shrooms were very flavourful bites.

This is something that definitely needs more experimenting. Maybe I should actually go to a restaurant and order risotto first before attempting to make it. You know, just saying. ;p

Salivate With Me

Today, a family friend returned from the States so our kitchen cooked up a storm. No recipes are provided because I didn’t cook anything. I’m just showing you food to make you salivate. The best part is I get to eat it and you don’t. See me sticking out my tongue at you? Heh.

What was on the menu was: Chilli Flower Crab, Sauté Mushrooms in Garlic Sauce, Stir Fy Cauliflower and Snow Peas. There was also Luncheon Meat, which I did not touch because I don’t like that, Sambal Prawns, which was really spicy! I think I’m going to have a sore bum from the sambal sauce, and Herbal Black Chicken Soup, which was really yummy!

P.S. Don’t you just absolutely hate it when crab cuts you? I have two mini crab cuts and the hurt crazy bad!

Adventures in the Kitchen: Beef Fried Rice

You would think that being Asian, I was born being able to cook fried rice. I could; fried rice is one of the easier dishes to make; until I add in meat. For some strange reason, me and meat just simply don’t mix. Never mind that I accidentally cooked the meat in the microwave when my sole intention was to defrost it. In the end, I would call it edible, but it’s not something I would serve a friend. Maybe a friend I didn’t like. Heh.

Fry meat of your choice (I think chicken works better, but maybe ’cause chicken doesn’t not listen to me like beef does), in oil and garlic, then add in the mixed vegetables (peas, corn and carrots), and then rice. Mix everything up well, add in an egg  (I should have used two) and mix that in too. Then season it with dark soy sauce and pepper. I added in rice wine as well, just to give it something extra. The only thing I think mine lack was pepper – I should have added in a little more.

If you have any other fried rice recipes, do let me know, I’ll be glad to try them out!

Made in Australia

I’m an Aussie to my fingertips, and I really can’t imagine ever being anything else. My only overseas trip was to the States many years ago with family, which doesn’t really count because their culture is essentially the same as ours (only with more lawyers). So it was with great trepidation that I boarded a plane in November for my first visit to another culture – the island city of Singapore.

I’ll admit, it’s not somewhere I ever thought I’d go. Before a few years ago, Singapore did not loom very large in my perceptions of the Family of Nations. I knew very little about it, other than it was a Commonwealth country and Australians were fighting to defend it when it fell to the Japanese in the second Great War (no, I won’t go into detail about the war. If I do, we’ll be here all day).

When I landed, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. On the one side I had my beautiful girlfriend telling me about her home, and on the other I had my fellow Australians’ stories about their experiences as tourists, and the stories didn’t quite seem to gel. I was getting two very different pictures of the island city – and suprisingly, they were both accurate.

With a foot on both sides of the fence, a very interesting picture can be painted. On the one hand, there’s the Singapore the tourists get to see. Beautiful gardens, bright lights, advanced technology; a city that is more Western than Asian, but with just enough Oriental flavouring that visitors can’t help but feel it’s unique. On the other hand, there’s the real Singapore. Dirtier, harsher, but also much more honest. The Singapore where people can quite literally work themselves to death, where the people are distrustful of strangers, and where the class divide is absolutely enormous.

Don’t get me wrong. Singapore is a beautiful city, and I think it’s a very good sign that it is possible for East and West to co-exist in relative harmony. Every city has it’s bad points though, and Singapore goes the extra few yards to try and hide them. As a country they’re in a precarious position, so it’s understandable they’d take any opportunity to present themselves better to the world.

I don’t think I will EVER get used to calling people Aunty and Uncle though. That’s just TOO bizarre.