One Foot In Front Of The Other

So I’ve been here for a little while now, and I’m starting to adjust. The first two weeks were pretty bad for me, which was probably why I didn’t blog about how it has been so far. There’s a lot of ‘not knowing’ involved. The culture here is much more independent than I’m used to. It isn’t commonplace to have a pump attendant refuel your car for you, just to throw out an example.

There was just so much new information to take in at once – and it gave me a bit of a headache and I just wanted to crawl into a hole and hide. I daren’t venture out by myself for a while as well, cause to me, all the houses here look the same, and after a couple of turns I might end up completely lost and on the other side of the suburb, but I’ve gotten over that, I think.

I still would like to explore the country more, and head south of the river to see why everyone is staying there. Because I’m north currently, there aren’t as many Asians around, and James is as un-Asian as you can get. Finding a little bit of home might help me settle in a little better.

The first week consisted of mostly of shopping. We went to Ikea to get some furniture for me. Drawers for storing my clothes, a desk to put my computer, a bookcase so James can keep all his things and they won’t be tossed around in boxes… It was the most at home I had felt in my first week there, since Ikea runs are common and fun time for me. I love looking at all the little showrooms.

His computer chair, my computer chair.
His bookshelf, my drawers, and desk.

He also brought me to Bunnings and we bought a little shower caddy and hangers. Miscellaneous things like that. After all the shopping was done, he had to head back to work. So I was left in a house that I’m completely unfamiliar with. Like I’ve repeated many times, it was a bit tough for the first two weeks, but now it’s gotten to the point where I’m dragging him out of bed, stuffing a toothbrush in his mouth and putting his work clothes on for him and pushing him out the door.

Perhaps I’m being too hard on myself, expecting myself to adapt immediately to life here. I should take things one day at a time for now, and enjoy that I don’t need to go job hunting just yet.

P.S. The weather is erratic, it’s hot one day and cold the next, but I LOVE it. I’m not missing the weather from Singapore a single bit.

P.P.S. The name of the pilot flying our plane to Perth was called Captain Hook. It wouldn’t have been fun if we have landed in Never Never Land instead. 🙂


I’m Learning To Fly

Today, I fly to start a new life, with the man I love so much, in a country I know nearly nothing about, and don’t fit in. It’s scary, I’m nervous.


Look at the world — so close, and I’m halfway to it!
Look at it all — so big — do I even dare?
Look at me — there at last! — I just have to do it
Should I? No. Here I go…
Just smell the grass! The dirt! Just like I dreamed they’d be!
Just feel that summer breeze — the way it’s calling me
For like the first time ever, I’m completely free!
I could go running, and racing, and dancing, and chasing, and leaping,
nd bounding, hair flying, heart pounding, and splashing, and reeling,
and finally feeling –

Now’s when my life begins!



Can I just thank everyone who has said supportive words to me ever since I told everyone what I was doing? It’s amazing, really, to hear some of the stories you have told me about similar situations, or just be genuinely happy for me in general. You know who all of you are, and I’m so grateful for everything everyone has said and shared. Thank you all, because of your love, it has helped give me the courage to take this momentous step.

Forever Starts in 2 Days

The past month or so I’ve been meeting up with my friends, and it’s been fun, catching up. They are people I will miss, definitely.  I guess it’s not that bad, considering I do most of my talking online, anyway. The thing is, to me, talking online has always been very touch and go, if that makes sense. You don’t have the conversations you do with people when they are right there in front of you, with no other distractions.

I think my friends know this very well – I’m horrible when talking online. I rarely finish a conversation, I disappear a lot, and I take forever to respond. I attribute some of this to my extremely dodgy internet. They say that I’m way better at conversing in person than online. Possibly the only exception would have been James. Not sure why, conversing with him online was always so easy. *shrug*

Everyone who is and was close to me at any one point of my life, don’t lose contact with me okay? Even if it’s an occasional ‘hi’ every six months.

I can’t believe it’s only four and a half days till I fly, and two days till James gets here.

Forever Starts in 4 Days

It’ll be four days till James is here. I must say, that one and a half days that he is here is going to be a mad rush, packing and unpacking and packing again. I’ve tried to do a lot of things before he is here, but unfortunately, I require his luggage space, and that isn’t here just yet.

That sounded as though I just wanted him here for his extra weight on the plane, doesn’t it? Honestly, though, I can’t wait to see him again. All my stressing without him here is not doing any favours for my health. Actually, I’ve been down with a fever for the past few days. Getting better, though.

The silly thing about having to go the post office to collect my IDP is that I was home when the registered mail was brought to my house and I think the postman didn’t ring the doorbell. Or I couldn’t hear it, which is not really possible ‘cause my doorbell is noisy. Then Yuki would bark a lot too.  But I finally got my IDP! I know a Singapore licence is generally accepted in most countries, but I was convinced by James to get an IDP anyway, just in case.  It’s not like it’s going to break the bank, anyway.

There are still a couple of things I need to do before I leave. Get a haircut, for one. Get myself waxed, as well.  I’ve yet to settle insurance, and I have to get whatever random loose money I have into the bank. I need to move out of my toilet so the new tenant for the room can move into it. I need to search for a cheap little carry on bag to take with me on the plane.

But most important of all, I really need to pack.

Forever Starts in 5 Days

In five short days, I’ll be back in a country I never thought I’d visit, to pick up a girlfriend I never thought I’d find, and a few days later bring her home with me. I won’t be so arrogant as to say I know how she feels, to be leaving behind everything she’s ever known to come to a new country that’s completely and utterly different, but I can imagine how I’d feel if the situations were reversed.

It’s a scary thought, to abandon everything and start again with no friends, no family to back you up. But we’ve both endured the long separations, and all the heartache that goes with them, and I for one am completely sick of it. Like any couple we’ve argued. I’ve been hung up on a number of times, and I’ll admit to doing the same, but we’ve always managed to sort things out again. Even now, there are finer points of the upcoming trip we’re arguing about. But what I know to be a greater truth more than anything else right now is that this distance needs to go. Two and a half thousand miles is simply too far.

Five days, and the real journey begins. I can’t wait.

Forever Starts in 6 Days

My luggage sits in the middle of my room, only half full of clothes and a couple of other items. The packing is not even finished, and I haven’t put in most of my day-to-day items, and the thing weighs a good twenty five kilos. I know my computer itself would weigh about ten kilos. I would purchase more weight but I can’t seem to do it online. The option is there, I just can’t click it, probably because my ticket was bought in a promotion, and they don’t allow additional baggage on it.

The to do list is getting shorter, and shorter, which is making me happy. Some things I wish I could tackle now, but it’s still too early, such as, you know, packing my computer. I guess I could use my laptop for the rest of my time in Singapore… Maybe I’ll pack it this weekend. We’ll see.

After digging around for some time, I managed to find my diploma, along with a gazillion other things I kept from my time at Temasek Design School. I’d like to keep it, at least, for my children. Future children. I remember as a child, being completely fascinated by my dad’s school stuff. My mom never kept any of hers.

It’s a good thing that I can’t get my hands on Dragon Age 2 right now, for sure I would be playing it non-stop, and my to do list would just simply get longer and longer, and everything would be put aside until I have finished the game. It’s also a good thing that James has it, so when I go over there and he’s busy at work, I can play it to entertain myself, at least at the beginning of my time in Australia.

I’ve received a lot of support from friends whom I haven’t seen or talked to in a long time, as well as from some that I have. The support helps immensely. It’s really sweet, and I’m very appreciative. It makes me a little less scared of the unknown, and when the fear ebbs away, the excitement comes in.

James is going to be landing in Singapore in six days, to help me with everything else I need to do, and any last minute things. Honestly, I just simply can’t wait to be back in his arms. Yes, I’m mushy and gross, but I don’t care. I love him, and I hate being apart from him.

Besides, if the world is really going to end in 2012, I want to be with him.